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    Radiologist in Burlington, Canada with McMaster University, Hamilton. Over 15 years of medical experience.

    Hello, my name is Dr. Parag Vora and I work as a Radiologist at McMaster in Burlington, Hamilton. I’m to blog about Radiology and the place there has given a lot (Burlington, Hamilton, Canada). As a child, I always wanted to be a doctor. I pursued my studies with enthusiasm and dedication. Sincerity and perseverance helped me in making my dream come true! I love to travel and explore new places whenever I get time from work. My love for traveling encouraged me to emerge as a local guide for Burlington, Hamilton, Canada.

    I also wrote my first blog recently! Here it is (About Dr. Parag Vora, Hamilton)

  • Radiologist & Doctor

    I have made several accomplishments during my career and have contributed a lot to the medical field. I have sincerely fulfilled my duties as a radiologist for the last two decades. In McMaster University, I have done some noticeable work in the last fifteen years and have become part of university research, workshops, and seminars to create value for resident doctors, students, and the public of Burlington, Hamilton, Canada! Check out university profile of Parag Vora, MacMaster.

    Medical Expertise, Hamilton


    G.I and Oncology Interventions Abdominal Imaging

    G.I Imaging and Interventions

    Clinical Professor


    Lectures given in Mcmaster

    Pediatic Grand Rounds: April 2012, MUMC, Hamilton, ON

    3rd GI Oncology Symposium: November 2010, Burlington, ON.

    OAR CT Colonography Workshop: October 2009. Case Moderator.

    Travel Guide - Burlington

    Hamilton travel expert

    Canadian foodie

    Stamp collector

    Burlington history enthusiast

    Dog person

  • McMaster Experience - Over 15 years

    I have worked for over 15 years with dedication and expertise among leading doctors and physicians of McMaster University, Canada. To be very frank, I wouldn't be the renowned Dr. Parag Vora of McMaster University, Hamilton without the support of my colleagues and guides who always supported and helped me to discover my potential in the field of radiology. I am passionate about my work and always believe in serving mankind in the most possible way as I can.

    McMaster University Canada

    Radiologist & Assistance Professor

    June 2008 - Current

    Full time

    Medical Association, Canada

    Current member

    June 2010 - Current

    Radiologist Association Canada

    Current member

    June 2010 - Current

  • Radiologist Reviews & Recommendations

    In past 2 decades, I have worked with amazing professors of Mc Master University, Canada and also research fellows and doctors from across the world. It has been a great learning and sharing experience with dedicated medical practitioners around the world. Below are words from a few people I have worked with recently:

    Lewis Moore

    Research Fellow, Hamilton

    Parag's passion for Radiology is infectious, and he's a loyal advocate of research in medicine. An amazing researcher and a fun person to work with. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat!

    Samantha Wang

    Housewife, Burlington

    Dr Parag Vora was an amazing guide when it came to Radiology for my son's medical condition. He is full of kindness and works with strict medical practices. A little strict when it comes to medication and processes but an amazing Radiologist nonetheless.

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    Dr Parag Vora Radiologist loves taking photos, and photography is quickly becoming one of his favorite hobbies in his spare time.

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